Slide right and left on the images below to see before and after Dr. Batson’s procedures.


  • Before-Veneers
    Before Veneers After


This lovely lady desired to improve her smile in a conservative fashion. Minimal enamel preparation was completed to allow lithium disilicate veneer restorations to be fabricated. She was very happy with the results!


  • Before-Whitening
    Before Whitening After


This patient was initially told she would need crowns for all of her teeth to improve the color and appearance. After 4 weeks of whitening with a carbamide peroxide gel she was very pleased with the results. No crowns needed!



  • Before-Dentures
    Before Dentures After

Complete Removable Dentures with Implants

This gentleman had a very loose bridge on his upper teeth. He was starting to avoid foods he liked to eat. He was also concerned about how much treatment would cost. All of his remaining teeth were beyond repair. We decided an implant overdenture would be fabricated for his lower teeth, and a complete denture for his upper teeth. His treatment time was 9 months and included implant surgery and relines for his dentures.

He can now eat his favorite foods again and smiles more than he ever has.


  • Before-Example of new Dentures
    After-Example of new Dentures
    Before Example of new Dentures After

New Dentures

This lovely lady had an old denture that was no longer functional or esthetically pleasing. She was not a candidate for implants either. She has tolerated her new dentures beautifully and they really helped enhance her facial features and big smile.



  • Before-Implants
    Before Implants After

Fixed Implant Prostheses

This young lady had several concerns. First, she was 45 years old. Second, she had spent countless hours and several dollars on dentistry and re-do dentistry throughout her life. She had multiple failing crowns, root canals and disliked wearing her partial dentures. She was at a point where her eating was compromised and she was very unhappy with the appearance of her teeth. She elected to have fixed implant therapy to support hybrid restorations.

She elected to have Zirconia as the material to be used for her final teeth. Zirconia is an extremely strong material that can be used for many types of tooth and implant restorations. Eating is not a problem for her now. And neither is her self-confidence!